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We're pleased to share we are now part of the Coldwell Banker's RealVitalize program. RealVitalize helps with home improvements, repairs, and staging to prep your listing for sale. RealVitalize covers the upfront costs and gets paid back when your client's home sells. No hidden fees, interest charges, or markups! 

Use the instructions below to access the appropriate documents for your next listing. When you are connected with your project manager, be sure to request to work with Accent Staging & Renovation!

As a real estate agent, we know you wear many hats. Therapist, marketing guru, contract expert… so why should you play designer and contractor? We allow you to do what you do best and just be an exceptional real estate agent.


We help remove the risk to agents acting as a general contractor, and you get to bring value to your clients by bringing in a team that helps maximize their property presentation and ROI. A win-win, really!

how to enroll your listing:

1. Go to CB Desk.

2. Click Participation Agreements in the left column to access the appropriate Participation Agreement.

3. Complete the Participation Agreement, which includes your seller's signature.

4. Access the RealVitalize Online Enrollment Application by clicking the RealVitalize Desk tile in the center, or at

5. When your project manager reaches out, request to work with Accent Staging & Renovation!

Need help?

Use the sliders below to see the before & after transformation. Want to see more? Check out our "transformations" tab at the top of this site in our navigation bar.

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